Frequently Asked Questions - Motorhome Hire in Derbyshire

DMH 0800 6444 199
DMH 0800 6444 199
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Here is some information which should answer your questions and will help to make your holiday run smoothly.

How do I start the hire process?
1. Have a look at the motorhomes Lucy Bella Lara. Each vehicle has its own page containing lots of information and photographs, and for an even better look inside click on the videos tab.
2. Go to the Book Online page, fill in the dates and times section then click the 'Get A Quote Now' button. A price will be displayed alongside each motorhome. Click 'Continue' at the side of your choice. Here you can add any extras you require, and a total holiday price will be displayed at the bottom. To go ahead and secure the dates with a booking deposit, click 'Continue'.
There are full instructions on the Book Online page, but if you get stuck please call us for guidance, freephone 0800 6444 199.
3. Cleared funds for the deposit of £315 is the only way to secure your dates.
The balance will be requested 6 weeks prior to your holiday, or within a few days if your holiday begins in under 6 weeks.
4. During the week leading up to your hire the damages deposit will be requested. We'll also send you an email containing a code to allow you to enter your driver details on this form. We need the details on this form to set up your driver insurance. A separate driver details form should be submitted for each driver.
5. All drivers will need to generate a one time driving licence check code from the DVLA website here. Why? This enables the insurance company to check you have a clean driving licence without seeing any of your personal information.
Please be aware that the driver insurance is not holiday insurance.
A detailed hire procedure checklist is available to download here.

Do I need to supply documents to insure me to drive a motorhome?
Yes. Documents we need during the week leading up to hire (for every driver):
1. Full UK driving licence - we only hire to UK residents.
2. Driving Licence check code from the DVLA website.
3. 2 recent bills dated in the past 90 days - One should be a utillity.
We can only accept:
Gas, Electricity, Water, Council Tax, Home Telephone/Broadband, Mortgage Statement, HMRC Document, Current Bank Statement (but please conceal your personal financial information, we only need to see the name, address and date).
The name and address on the documents should exactly match the name and address on the driving licence.
There are no exeptions to this rule as it is part of the insurance pre requisite.
If you handle your utilities electronically we can accept screen shots.

What if I have points on my licence?
We are human and realise that many people may have an SP30 or similar, and we understand that this doesn't make them bad drivers!
If you're not sure, contact us with details before you book. Minor offences are usually allowed, sometimes they require a slightly increased damages deposit.

How do I pay for my holiday?
Payments are done via the online booking form and we accept the following payment methods:
Bank Transfer
Debit and Credit Card (via the PayPal payment gateway - a Paypal account is not required).

What if I need to change or cancel my holiday?
Changes to your booking can be made by calling 0800 6444 199.
Cancellations should be made in writing by email, or via the general contact form quoting your holiday ID.

What should I do if I can't operate something, like the fridge or cooker, or change the gas?
We demonstrate everything in full when we hand the vehicle over to you and will take as long as you want. You can assist with this by watching the demonstration videos on the website before your collection day.
A fully comprehensive user guide is supplied to take with you, which has been produced by us and is specific to the motorhome.
If you have a smartphone you can watch the demonstration videos on the website while you are on holiday.
If you're still stuck, we supply a freephone phone number and an our of hours emergency number so that you can contact us for guidance. We welcome calls of this nature so please don't think you're 'bothering' us, we want to make your holiday work for you!

What does the motorhome come with?
When you collect your motorhome it will be ready to start your holiday, as follows:
The fuel tank will be filled ready for you, and you are expected to return with a full tank unless you have asked for refuelling service £20.
The fresh water tank will be full and leisure batteries topped up.
The toilet flush water tank which is separate from the fresh water tank will be full, and the cassette will be prepared with blue solution. Spare blue is supplied for if you need to empty the cassette while you are on holiday.
The washroom has a cassette flushing toilet, wash basin and shower with trigger mechanism which assists with saving water.
The kitchen has cooker, fridge and storage space for food, pots and pans. A kitchen set containing crockery, cutlery and saucepans can be hired.
Gas - one full and one part used gas bottle are supplied. If the part used one runs out 'on your watch' you can transfer to the new one and will be responsible for replacing the empty bottle on your way back - these are available at most supermarket filling stations, Go Outdoors and many fuel stations. They are purchased on an exchange system, staff will usually bring the new bottle out to the vehicle for you and take the empty one away.
If the gas doesn't run out, lucky you, you had free gas for your holiday!

What about gas and electricity, I'm not sure how things work?
240v - The motorhome has a hook up cable for you to plug into the mains if you are staying on a campsite. From the mains you can operate the water pump, toilet flush, hot water, heating, fridge, lights and sockets.
12v - If you are wildcamping or unable to hook up, the 12v Leisure Battery will power the water pump, toilet flush and lights, everything else runs from gas:
Gas - Whether hooking up or relying on 12v, from the Gas you can operate hot water, heating, cooker and fridge.

Is there a charge for excessive mileage?
Vehicle servicing costs are at a premium and therefore excessive mileage means more cost.
As our vehicles are serviced every 6000 miles there is a charge for driving in excess of 120 miles
per day, which will be averaged at the end of the hire.
For example, 5 days hire means up to 600 miles allowed, 7 days hire - 840 miles in total, and so on.
Mileage exceeded will be charged at 30p per mile. If it is thought at the time of booking that mileage
may run over, please ask us and we can come to an arrangement.

My campsite has asked how big the vehicle is, where can I find this information?
Vehicle dimensions are published on the Document Downloads page where you will also find Vehicle Inventories, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Information  and a detailed Hire Procedure checklist.

What if I break down, or have a bump whilst driving, or accidentally break something?
First and foremost - don't worry! We have procedures in place for incidents.
The vehicle has breakdown cover, full telephone numbers and what to do are supplied with the manual.
If there is a bump, full instructions on what to do including accident recording forms are in the manual, and as soon as you can safely do so please telephone us for guidance. For your safety and protection, all our vehicles have Dashboard Cameras installed. You must make sure the DashCam is operational throughout your holiday. Removal or loss of the DashCam carries a penalty of full damages deposit forfeit.
Breakages - most things can be replaced or repaired, but we ask that you tell us about them straight away or at the very latest upon your return so we can be prepared for any repairs that may be needed before the next hire, which could be on the same day.
Concealed breakages charges will be deducted from the damages deposit plus a labour charge for time and penalties as per terms and conditions, therefore it will cost much less to report a breakage.
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